Funny Wedding Speech - 4 Tips to Write a Funny Wedding Toast

Published: 30th April 2009
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How can I make a funny wedding speech? Is this the question that is nagging your mind right now? Don't worry about, I have some speech writing tips and guides that I will share with you in this article. It is not that hard to write a funny wedding speech. All you need is a little creativity and a positive mental attitude.

It was not too long ago that I was in the same position as you were. I was also tasked to write and deliver a wedding speech as best man for my brother's wedding. At first I was so stressed and was already worried that I won't be able to make a good wedding speech on time, even though the wedding was still weeks away. Good thing I was kind of an online surfer. I found some writing guide and tips that helped me write a funny wedding speech.

Allow me to share with you some of the writing tips that I learned.

1. Make a draft of your wedding speech. No matter how golden you think your first draft is, it is always better to edit it heavily no matter what. Making a rough draft is just the best way that you can write fast without worrying about grammar and spelling at first.

2. Be creative when writing your wedding speech. This means that you should show and not tell. This is an old adage for creative writers. All you really need to do to follow this advice is to use simile, metaphor, and imagery in your speech. This is a great way fro you to engage your audience's imagination.

3. Keep your speech short and simple. You want to be as brief and complete as you can. When telling a humorous joke or anecdote, you don't want to write long-winded sentences and just end up flat during the punch line. The best thing for you is to write short sentences to make shorter paragraphs. You can achieve this effect when you fill your paragraphs with just 4 to 5 short sentences.

4. In line with keeping your speech short and simple, avoid using fancy words that can only be found in dictionaries. When you use dictionary words, you will alienate most if not all of your listening audience. This is not good since the purpose of the toast / speech is to draw in your audience.

Now you know that it is easy to write a funny wedding speech if you have a guide to help you with the creative process. It's all up to you now to make that great speech. If you need any more guide and tips to help you write your very own wedding speech, head on over to

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